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Xbox One: What They Tell Us vs. What We’ll Get

This is perfect. I loved the first two xbox’s so I am baffled about the future of what was once a great machine

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Lucy Dreams Script Final (I think?)


A young girl Lucy and her new favorite toy, Teddy, find them-
selves in a dream like world where anything she draws with her
magical crayon comes to life. The evil Dr Mann, her ex best toy
Kitty in disguise, kidnaps her teddy to draw Lucy into this
netherworld where Kitty uses Lucy's imagination against her. She
must save her Teddy and her Kitty's soul before it's too late.


Drawings are strewn on the floor depicting Kitty and Lucy on
their adventures, with one drawing showing them fighting Dr.
Mann. Lucy runs into her bedroom with a brand new Teddy Bear in
her hand. The north side of her wall displays a crayon mural be-
ing drawn by Lucy. She plops down by all of her drawing stuff,
and grabs kitty and tosses her aside  hitting her box of 64
crayons and spilling them over. Lucy looks at the mural and
wants to fill in more of her castle and the area around it. She
turns around and sifts through the crayons looking for a bright,
pretty color. She sees some crayons under kitty and notices a
glittery crayon. She grabs it and draws several birds in the sky
flying in front and behind the castle. Then she starts on the
drawbridge. While she is drawing the drawbridge, the birds that
she just drew start coming to life on the wall above her head
without her noticing.
When she completes the bridge, the edges around the bridge glow,
the bridge comes to life and then quickly slams down. We see a
silhouette of an evil looking man in the opening. He quickly
grabs Teddy and disappears into the light. Lucy is stunned but
quickly shakes off the shock of the situation and runs into the
opening after her teddy.
Lucy comes upon a strange area where all of the objects are cre-
ated out of folder paper, some have artwork drawn with crayon on
them. All of the sudden a paper doll stack jumps out from behind
a paper pillar with a paper doll “statue” on it. It has a crayon
drawn face with mean looking eyes and a scowl with a red colored
shirt and blue pants created. The paper doll starts unfolding
and then quickly unfolds completely surrounding Lucy. As they
begin closing in on her, she busts out her crayon, grabs the one
that is at the end of the chain and draws on his face, turning
the scowl and mean eyes into a smile and cute eyes. The paper
dolls swiftly fold back into one and then burst apart like con-
fetti, each now being separate and loyal to their new friend who
freed them from the evil spell. They follow her through a door-

A big, plastic playdoh ice cream machine sits in the center of a
room encircled by several plastic archways. In the center of the
machine sits what looks like a giant ice cream cone. Lucy walks
up to ice cream cone, and as she gets near a robot leg pops out
of the top. Then the second legs pops out followed by both ro-
botic arms. The cone spins around revealing an upside down robot
face! The ice cream playdoh robot springs up from his head and
flies towards Lucy. Lucy surprised, covers her eyes in anticipa-
tion of getting hit, when suddenly a paper doll man leaps be-
tween them and stops the robot's attack. The paper doll man hits
the ground encased in a block of ice. Lucy's paper doll army
swarm the robot trying to save her. Lucy grabs the frozen doll
and he melts in her hand instantly! She realizes the robot is
programmed to capture intruders by playing freeze tag. Lucy
sprints away from the robot while her army is slowing down the
robot who is freezing them one by one. Lucy takes her paper doll
man and hides behind a pillar. The robot is freezing all of the
paper doll men and making his way towards where Lucy is hiding.
Lucy quickly whispers something into the paper doll man she is
holding, sets him down, and sends him on his way. Lucy leaps out
of her hiding place at the ice cream robot. The robot leaps at
her and they clash in mid air! A loud crash is heard and then
In Dr. Mann's lab sits a shooting gallery carnival booth setup.
Some balls of yarn and other random items are strewn about as
well. Frozen Lucy stands on a pedestal by the booth, presented
like the big prize for a big winner. While the frozen paper
dolls are moving back and forth in a tiered shelf system for Dr.
Mann to shoot at.  Dr. Mann stands with his back to Lucy and is
attending to taking apart teddy with his de-stitcher arm. The
lone paper doll man that Lucy sent off sneaks by Dr. Mann and
runs quickly to Lucy to tag and thereby unfreezing her. She mo-
tions for him to unfreeze his pals as well. She begins to run at
Dr. Mann and notices something about the back of his head. The
bottom of tiny brown tail is flicking back and forth with happy
glee. Now she realizes who/what Dr. Mann is. She pantomimes to
the henchmen to grab the yarn and make a trip wire with it. When
they are set, she sets the trap. She takes out her crayon and
draws a fishing rod like toy that has feathers and bells and the
end of a long string. The toy appears right in front of her.
Lucy casts out the feathers and bells from the fishing rod toy
and jingles them for a few seconds. Dr. Mann turns around very
quickly but instead of rage and anger, he is fixated on the
feathers and starts pawing up in the air like a cat. He races
towards her to get the toy but is upended by the trip wire that the
henchman setup. Because he is mostly metal, he falls and
hard on his face, shattering his mask. Lucy goes up to
him and rolls
him on his back.
Dr Mann's head has half his mask missing, showing kitty's face
underneath. All of the anger is let out of Lucy’s face and she
looks at Kitty lovingly and surprised. Kitty not showing any
emotion, leaps out of his robotic shell towards Lucy but actu-
ally clears her and lands on the table with teddy and saves the
teddy just in time. She picks them up and hugs them close to her
heart and then sets them down. She takes out her crayon and
draws on the floor a picture of the three of them sitting at a
tea party. Scene fades to white, and then we see them sitting at
a real life tea party together.


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Long time coming Lucy Updates!

Hi all! So I finally have a finished round of storyboards and a script that I am completely happy with, both of which I will share in this post. Also I am pleased to announce two new artists that will be helping out on the projects. One is a matte/background/concept painter and another is a 3D Character artist who does amazing work. I will hopefully post updates from them and their names and where you can find their work online soon. I am going to be updating my tumblr feed more often now that I have some more interest in the project AND things are starting to move again. Here are the updated boards, and I am just going to post the script in a separate post from this. All feedback is welcome!

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Croods storyboards
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best playlist ever

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Smart Aliens: Smart Aliens on iOS - A social hangman powered by Starling


Yesterday, we released on the app store a game for iPhone and iPad gamers called Smart Aliens. You can download it today on your iOS device for free. It’s a fun experience, with stunning animations. Here is a video that showcases the gaming experience:

We wanted to share with you…

Love this game!

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On hold for now…

I just wanted to say I still dream of Lucy :) I have been working on a video game for the adobe game jam for the past month so my short has been on hold but it will resume next month for sure! Updates to come soon!

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Bill Plympton's Animation Production Blog Videos

These are great videos to see how production in animation (especially 2D animation) works. Some nice use of camera angles and exaggeration too. Great for inspiration!

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Slight Script change

So I was thinking about the scene with the Playdoh Ice Cream robot and I wanted to change how Lucy is introduced to it. I am thinking now that I want the robot to be on the ice cream maker, but it will just look like a freshly made ice cream cone. Lucy will A) think it’s real ice cream and not play doh at first and B) when she goes up to touch it with her minions behind her, the robot legs will pop out one after another and then he will spring into action from his head to his feet (because he will actually be upside down). This will make it into the official script on and this site soon.

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